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Home News Defence Lockheed lowest bidder for laser-guided bombs for IAF

Lockheed lowest bidder for laser-guided bombs for IAF


US defence company Lockheed Martin has emerged as the lowest bidder in a deal worth ₹100 crore (~ $510 million dollars) for Laser Guided Bombs. Under this deal India will buy around 100 bunker-buster Laser Guided bombs (LGB) kits/bombs for its Jaguar fighter aircraft. Lockheed had offered its Paveway II bunker buster laser guided bomb

Indian Air Force(IAF) issued a global Request for proposal(RFP) last year in which Lockheed, Raytheon and an unnamed Israeli Company sent the proposals for air to surface LGBs.

These bombs will be used to destroy fortified enemy targets like bunkers, concrete and other fortified locations.

Sudarshan bombIndia had successfully tested its own indigenous laser-guided bomb kits known as Sudarshan laser guided bomb which IAF's unguided bombs will be upgraded to based on the excellent test results obtained. However, bunker-busting feature which might not be present in the Sudarshan smart bomb kits might be the reason for this RFP.

The IAF plans to induct more than 100 bunker-buster LGBs for its Jaguar warplanes to destroy strongly fortified enemy targets.

LGBs are laser guided projectiles that use lasers to home in on the designated target with greater accuracy than a gravity bomb and were used with high accuracy by the IAF against Pakistani Army posts during the Kargil war in 1999.


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